Introduction to Puppy Performance Classes – 4 weeks $120.00

Prerequisite - 10 weeks of age / Current on Vaccines

This class is designed to focus on the performance skills as well as the bond and relationship between you and your puppy.  We will focus on toy selection, balls, Frisbees and lures.  This class is recommended for Pet Parents who are interested in future advanced training in all aspects of dog sports.

Elementary Puppy Performance Classes – 4 weeks $120.00

Prerequisite - 4 months or older / Current on all Vaccines

This course provides education for the dog about body awareness.  This class will focus on their footwork, wobble board, skateboards, steppers/ladders. This class has interesting and challenging games that build strength, flexibility and confidence.

Introduction to Agility  – 4 weeks $150.00

Prerequisite - 6 months or older / Current on all Vaccines

Basic fundamentals of agility are covered and you and your dog are introduced to our agility obstacles.  This class will review warm-up exercise and obedience needs such as sit/stay, quick recalls and attention.  You will learn targeting skills that will help your dog move towards something and away from you.  Equipment your dog will be introduced to are Weave Poles, Jumps (all styles), Teeter Totter, Dog Walk & Tunnels.

Dog Disc Basics - 101  – 4 weeks $125.00

Prerequisite - 3 months or older / Current on all Vaccines

Teaching the Handler is the basis of this class; including different grips, throws and accuracy.  We will go over Frisbee and Disc Selection.  Knowing your dog, color preference; left or right handed and how fast.  We teach your dog the "start" and "go around", toss and fetch and even go into a "Mock Competition". 

Dog Disc Freestyle – 4 weeks $125.00

Prerequisite - 4 months or older / Current on all Vaccines / Completed Dog Disc Basics 101

What is freestyle all about.  How you and your dog come into play.  Developing a routine, choosing the music and time management.  Practice and Critique, refining your freestyle routine and Mock Competition.