Colleen has over 15 years of experience handling and training dogs.  Being a certified Evaluator for Therapy Dogs International, the AKC Canine Good Citizen program and a K9® Nose Work Instructor (ANWI), has been instrumental in developing Colleen into a well rounded instructor. Colleen has a passion for helping dog owners form a closer bond with their pet.

Colleen Gimpel

Principal Trainer

Colleen Gimpel

"BIG" Steve

The Wrangler &

Sydnee his Ranch Hand

"BIG Steve" is an animal lover through and through.  He is a resident of the Ranch and oversees the care of our students with the assistance of his Ranch Hand, Sydnee a beautiful Springer Spaniel.  She is playful and an excellent hunter.  You can always find her busy hunting gophers, rabbits and lizards around the Ranch! 

Candance Lace 

Owner & Stylist

With a passion for Dogs, Candance opened her Mobile Pet Salon in 2014.  Inland Empire Mobile Pet Salon quickly grew with hundreds of satisfied clients.  She has over forty 5-Star ratings on Yelp and is the Owner of the Ranch & Academy.   She absolutely loves Dogs and it shows!


Athletic Cheerleader

There is no safe ball or Frisbee with this Border Collie!  She is constantly wanting to "play fetch" and is working on her "Disc" tricks with the Assistance of our Athletic Director.  She is an excellent herder and can "pin" a horse at lightening speed. Look out the World of Agility & Herding- Here Comes Abbee!


Class Monitor

What can we say but Princess is our "Alert the Staff" dog with those keen ears of hers.  A true Terrier and loves to play. She is constantly on patrol ensuring that everything is in it's place at the Academy!